More and more, future brides are looking for non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. They're looking beyond large department stores and buying from boutiques. The problem can be finding enough of the same dress from that store. That's where I step in.

Free Consultation Call: We'll discuss your timeline, colors, length, styles and budget. You can email any inspirational images. It will also be helpful to provide number of bridesmaids and general sizing (Small, Medium, etc).

Research: I will do the hard work of looking through my wholesale database to come up with the best options for your big day. If I have your bridesmaid information I can also provide estimated pricing at this time.

Decision: Once you decide which styles, I will send you an invoice. Once paid, I will place the order and have the items shipped to me for inspection. If you're in the NW Arkansas or Springfield, Missouri, area I can deliver. If you're outside those areas, I can ship directly to each bridesmaid.

1. What if I'm having my bridesmaids pay for their own dresses?
To ensure the desired dresses and quantity are ordered in a timely matter, it's best to send one invoice for payment. You can then divide and collect from each of your bridesmaids.
2. What if I have no idea what I want?
No worries, we will talk through what you do know and can go from there. If you have a Pinterest board or any inspirational images to share those are always helpful!
3. What if I decide I don't want to order my dresses from you?
Before I begin the research phase, I will send a $50 nonrefundable invoice. If you don't order, this helps to cover my time and services. If you do order, this is deducted from your final invoice.

4. What if they don't fit once they come in?
Alterations may be needed and are not included or provided by us. Dresses are bought in pre-built packs so there may be additional sizes available to exchange from. All sales are nonrefundable.
5. Can I have exclusive rights to the dresses?
During the decision phase, you can let me know if you don't want me providing the dress you selected as an option to other future clients. You can decide if it's the dress or just that specific color of that dress. You can also decide if I can show to clients getting married in the same city or state. As stated above, the dresses come in pre-built packs, so there's a good chance you will have extra sizes delivered that you didn't pay for. If you don't want the extra dresses sold online in the shop you will be expected to buy any leftover dresses. Please note: If you decide on any type of exclusive rights from me, understand that someone could purchase from another boutique outside of The Merry Moore's control and will not be responsible.
6. How quickly do I have to decide?
Depending on the item, things can come and go quickly on the wholesale sites. (I've learned the hard way a few times). I recommend making a decision as quickly as possible because of that. If for some reason, the color or style you chose is no longer an option for me to order by the time you pay your final invoice, I will refund it.
7. Do you offer refunds?
Because of the custom nature, all sales are final and will not be refunded. The only exception is stated above: If for some reason, the color or style you chose is no longer an option for me to order by the time you pay your final invoice.

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